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About GMP

General Marine Products, Inc. (GMP) is a Navy qualified manufacturer of MIL-C-24368 shore power receptacles and plugs, MIL-DTL-24231 hull fittings, and cable assemblies used to supply shore power to Navy surface ships and submarines The equipment covered by MIL-C-24368 is used on Navy surface ships, submarines, Naval Shipyards, Naval Bases and Shore Facilities supported by NAVFAC. For the past X years, the company has been manufacturing shore power plugs, receptacles and cable assemblies. The company has so refined its manufacturing, assembly and testing procedures over the years that it presently manufactures a superior and totally reliable shore power cable assembly.

GMP has used a two tier approach to the manufacture of its cable assemblies. We have developed and maintained a core of qualified suppliers and assembly personnel whom we employ in the manufacture, assembly and testing of our products. Our suppliers manufacture the component parts using our dies and tooling. In that manner we assure the quality of the parts that go into our finished assemblies. Second, we have a core of qualified personnel that assemble and test the cable assemblies. Our key personnel have been doing this work for the past X years. They too are also provided with our tooling and specially designed molds and testing equipment to manufacture and test the cable assembly.

GMP has recently built a redesigned submarine plug. This plug has been tested by the Navy, and we have been advised that it has passed all the tests it was subjected to.